Honour Killing

Bismillah Alhamdulillah. All Praise is due to Allah who is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. We testify that the only diety worthy of worship is Allah(SWT) and that Muhammad(SAW) is His slave and Final Messenger.

Having given a testimony of faith we submit our way of life to none other then the Will of Allah. We do not question Allah because as humans our capabilities are very limited. Today, when I was reading the news I read shocking news. Refer to this.

Aside from all the emotional things that I want to say I will hold off on that inshAllah. Some Muslims try to justify honor killings claiming it is sanctioned by the Shariah. SubhanAllah! The Prophet(SAW) was sent to eradicate killing little daughters who had committed no crime yet people use baseless arguments to justify thier positions. A formal and a trustworthy answer by the scholars of AhluSunnah wal Jama’ah can be found here. The perpetrator of such a crime must be tried in an Islamic court and punished accordingly.

In Islam everything goes back to your belief. When you testify the Shahada you are infact testifying that you will abide by the rules set forth by Allah. One of the things we have been forbidden to do is murdering someone without a just cause. There is no justificiation for such a hideous crime. Another thing is did the father lose his temper during the argument? It could very well be possible and the fact that he was weeping shows that he really loved her but his anger overtook him. In other words Shaytan overtook him and he did that hideous crime.

Another important point is parents who are still stuck in that cultural warp of forcing children to get married without thier wishes and from back home, really need to realize that they are hurting themselves by making unreasonable demands that have no Shari basis. I have noticed among the Pakistani community the cultural aspect is so hard to let go. And somewhat the Egyptians. They have put the Book of Allah aside and are following thier own desires. The culture is important but it can never take precedence over what Allah and His Messenger have given us. NEVER! IT IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Sometimes these killers are so narrow minded that they forget the rights of a child. The child has a right to a good and pious environment. Have you given that to them? Have you shown them what is the true way? Or have you tried to find the true way yourself? Maybe your child has found a good way and you are lacking that? My brain cannot just take this dhulm. I fail to understand how someone can kill thier own daughter because of such a small thing. I dont want an honor like this.

May Allah Protect us and our dhuriyya from such sins.

Wastaghfirullah wal hamdulillah i rabil alameen.


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