Reflections on tonight’s lecture by Shaikh Suhaib Webb

Assalam o alaykum, Alhamdulillah since moving to America I have not seen scholars lesser then when I was in Saudia. SubhanAllah tonoght Shaikh Suhaib Webb captivated with the crowd with his American vernacular explanation of Surah Al Kahaf. The Shaikh satrted off by pointing out the background behind why the Sura was revealed. Then he went in to explain the first verse. He broke it down in to nine points stating that Allah Praises Himself and then he says it is He who has revealed “THE BOOK” to his servant. He said an important point to note here is the “the book”. He explained it in terms of if I say the man that means you are the man. So Allah is saying there is no book on the face of planet or beyond which compares to the Quran. Also pointed out how the Prophet(SAW) said in Khutbha Haja inna asdaqal hadithe kitabillah……..And he expounded on the verses that show that this book has no doubt in it. Overall mashAllah may Allah preserve Imam Suhaib Webb for making us understand the deen. He is offering Ijazas this sumer for people who wann learn. I encourage all of you to attend. For more infor check out his blog (

Too tired. inshAllah see you all soon.

Wasalam o alaykum


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