Eman: Ups and downs

Well another weekend has come. Alhamdulillah. Well lately for the past few months I feel less enthusiastic islamically. I just miss myself 6 months ago. I used to be so enthuisiastic but sadly that is not the case. One of my Shaykh told me this is a part of our life. Sometimes we are up and sometimes we are down. Then he quoted a hadith about the same issue.  He said just follow the Sunnah i.e. when you are in high spirits keep on doing good deeds to a little more then what you can do for it will help you when you are in low spirits. I asked how? He said it will help you do the things that you did when you were in highly enthusiastic but you may slack of a little bit so its good you do more then you can during this time. For example if you pray tahajjud during high times every night then when you are less high you will probably pray every week or so. Of course this is just an example and we should try to emulate the Porphet(SAW) because he forbade us from praying every night.

Imam Siraj Wahhaj delivered the khuthbah this Friday. A powerful khuthbah really plays an important role in your high or low. I look forward to going to the khuthbah so the speaker can challenge me. One such speaker is Sami Hilali. He is only known in our community. mashAllah I heard his khuthbah twice and mashAllah he really drives the message home. I couldnt find the khuthbah that I really wanted you to hear but here is another khuthbah and good reminder for Ramadhan as we have only six weeks left inshAllah. Here it is.

In the end I make dua for myself that Allah Guide me! Oh Allah Guide me! O Allah give me strength and give me the taste of sweet eman! Amin!


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