Lessons from Amir ul Mumineen Umar ibnal Khattab(May Allah be Pleased with him)

Assalam o alaykum wa rahmatullah i wabarakatuhu to all my readers, May Allah give you iman,health and wealth you can spend for His Deen! I have been taking a class with Shaykh Jamal Zarabozo on purification of the soul. I must say if you truly want to understand this subject use his book.  MashAllah very well written and very detailed. On top of that I am learning from him when he adds his comments and anecdotes. So Alhamdulillah for all this. Yesterday, as I was sitting and listening to the Shaykh my eyes fell on page 90 of his book “Purification of the soul”. Here is what it had:

Sulaiman ibn Buraidah narrated from his father that whenever the Messenger of Allah (SAW) would send a general over an army he would advise him about himself to have fear(taqwa) of Allah and to treat those of the Muslims with him well. Then he would say, “Fight in the Name of Allah for the sake of Allah and fight whosoever disbelieves in Allah”.In the famous letter that Umar ibn Al Khattab(RA) wrote to Saad bin abi Waqas, Umar stated,

“I order you and the soldiers who are with you to be aware of Allah under all circumstances as taqwa(fear and awareness) of Allah is a better weapon against your enemy and a stronger strategy in battle. And I order you and those with you to be very much on the defensive against any sins, more then your enemies are , for the sins of an army are more feared then thier enemies. Verily, Allah helps the Muslims due to the sins of thier enemies; if it were not for that we would nnot be able to overcome them for our numbers are not like thiers and our power is not like thiers. If we are equal in sins to them, they will be able to overtake us due to thier (military) power. If we were not aided by our virtue we would not be able to overcome them solely due to our power….And ask Allah to help yourselves in the same way that you ask Allah for help against your enemies.”

So I sat thier contemplating, subhanAllah, today we have become so ignorant of our deen that we fail to comprehend what is expected of us as an Abd(slave) of Allah. (Just a side note I am a huge fan of Umar(RA). The level of Eman he had is amazing!)So like Umar(RA) said, if we are overcomnig an enemy then it is a moment that we should be thankful to Allah and increase our taqwa because thier sins are greater then our sins!. This is exactly why the Muslim Ummah was so successful that they had that level of iman and fear of Allah in thier hearts plus thier enemies had more sins on thier hands then the Muslims. Contrast that with present day. Today we see that we are humiliated and very unsucessful. So what happened? This statement can change our perspective on how we look at things. Many times I have seen people arguing saying that economically we should be strong etc. These people should really stop debating this issue. If you have put the Book of Allah aside then what do you expect? Allah(SWT) is not in need of us, we are in need of him. So we must instill this fear and awareness of Allah(SWT) in our hearts. This will govern our limbs which will make us successful bidinillah i ta3ala. Allah has used the word muttaqin numerous times in the Quran and how they will attain salvation by going to Jannah. So this taqwa is very important.

Those that dont have taqwa can just follow their desires and live and do as they want. They are an open target for Shaytan. He  knows this person is weak and can be manipulated easily to do evil. We must compare ourselves to the Prophet(SAW) in this aspect as he is our role model. Compare today with the time of the our beloved Prophet(SAW) and the difference stands out very clear. Something to ponder about and keep us awake in the remembrance of Ar-Rahman!

May Allah give increase our iman and our taqwa!


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  1. Haneefah on

    as-Salamu ‘Alaikum.

    Mashaa’Allah excellent blog, may Allah reward you with good. Ameen.

    ‘Alaikum as-Salam.

  2. musafirfidunya on

    Wasalam o alaykum Haneefah, jazakAllah khair for your comments and same to you and Amin to your dua.

  3. musafirfidunya on

    One thing that I wanted to clear out is: I said that “We must compare ourselves to the Prophet(SAW) in this aspect…..” in the last paragraph. Of course, we must compare all aspects of our life with that of the Prophet(SAW)’s because he is our role model that Allah has given us. An error on my part. Forgive me for the confusion!

  4. Anisa on

    “Those that dont have taqwa can just follow their desires and live and do as they want. They are an open target for Shaytan.”

    How true are those words, subhanAllah
    May ALlah guide us to good, ameen

  5. musafirfidunya on


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