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A cat drinking water……..

Assalam o alaykum to all my readers, jazakAllah khair for your comments. I hope this post finds you in the highest spirits of eman, health and wealth (inshAllah working on a post for the “financial crisis”, stay tuned). Here is something I wrote a while back.

أو لم يروا إلى الطير فوقهم صافات ويقبضن ما يمسكهن إلا الرحمن إنه بكل شيء بصير

Have they not seen the birds above them spreading out their wings and closing them? Naught upholdeth them save the Beneficent. Lo! He is Seer of all things. Quran 69:17

A man runs past me and is in a hurry to reach his destination after the salah. I walk calmly to the gigantic structure that stands in front of me. On my right there is a huge building and on my left there is a huge building. I have just come out of Masjid Al Haram. It is very hot even though it is night time. So dry and hot that I want to get home and enjoy the air conditioner. (Yes it is hot and dry even during night!). Suddenly my attention is caught by a yellow tub of water. A cat that is taking each step carefully, approaches the water in a calm and  innocent manner. It sits down in a position to drink from the tub. I stop and observe this beautiful Creation and its behavior. It dips its dry tongue into the water and starts sipping like any creature would. It is facing the Kabah and not worried about whats going on. I think it is very thirsty and just wants to quench its thirst. It does not care who is passing by and who is standing observing it. It has one purpose to drink the water and feel contented in order to sustain itself. 5 mintes go by and I cannot take my eyes of of such an amazing sight. Many thoughts come racing to my mind such as how could this creature know what to do? where is this information to drink the water coming from? What is this Creation? Why is it there? It was so peaceful to watch it drink water. So amazing…… How has Allah provided for it. It has put its tawakkul in Allah and Allah has given it water!

At the end, my intellectual incapacity had no choice but to say SUBHANALLAH! O Allah forgive us for we are very ignorant of your bounties and O Allah I thank you for what you have given me and I am contented with what you have not given me! la illaha illAllah!

Waasalam o alaykum!


Cut piece

Assalam o alaykum wa rahmatullah i wabaraktuhu

Innalhamdulillah nahmaduhu wa nastaeenuhu wa nastaghfiruhu wa naudhubillah i min shurror i anfusina wa min sayyiat e a3malina wa amma ba3ad:

Alhamdulillah life is great couldn’t be better. With all the crises in the world going on, such as the financial crisis, election crisis etc. at an individual level Allah has Blessed me with so much Alhamdulillah. It is a time to remember Allah and be thankful to Him as is required by a slave to be thankful to his master.

Well what I have I been upto you ask? Well nothing much. Just doing the usual. Masjid, work and the daily activities. Lately I have been intrigued by a question that I would like to ask someone of knowledge but have not been able to come across it. So here’s the thing. If you go to look at a girl for the purpose of marriage, how can you look at her bodily features. I know that you cannot look at her but how do you make a judgment? Because the hijab and the niqab that Allah has Ordered has to be loose. And to be honest it makes the woman/girl look unhealthy and chubby thus unattractive. That is a big turn off after assessing her deen and stuff ofcourse. And you ask yourself is she really not that attractive beauty wise? What should be done? Can I ask around but that is not prudent because it would expose me and her to problems. So what is the wisest way of doing this? Someone told me that the Sahaba would try to look at the woman by hiding in the bushes and peeping to like the girl(is this true?) If it is then am I allowed to do this?

After all this endeavour I want to say this. Marriage is not easy. The Western woman always try’s to take care of herself. What about the Muslim woman? Is it my ignorance or are they unattractive? I forget that woman are half or more of the human race! Yet I know so little about this species!

On a side note here is something that turned on the water works for me

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I pray Allah makes all things easy for us and make us thankful to Him!