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Gaza: Our role?

Assalam o alaykum wa rahmatullah i wabarakatuhu, If you have been following the news lately, you will realize the Israel is a poor defenseless state that is defending itself against bloodthirsty, viscious aggressors in Gaza all in the name of peace. Wait a minute, they ended up killing ~400 human beings.  Let’s not get into the media coverage on this issue because it is just hopeless to make them understand.

So why is it hard for us to admit that we have to do something about it? Every body with an ounce of good left in their heart will realize that it is a massacre of people which even the human rights platform has condemned.

SO what is the solution? Blogs and posts are filled with people who say that we must go protest, we must make dua, we must stand up and raise awareness. We are living in a time when we have become mere foam as the Prophet(SAW) told us. So what is the solution my dear brothers and sisters? We turn to the Sunnah of the Messenger(SAW).

Yes we must make Jihad and Qitaal. Even if it means forsaking all our belongings. We will be asked on the Day of Judgment if we fulfilled this obligation or not. And under the present circumstances it is more then ever needed. We must make Jihad and dismantle the Zionist state.

Another sad thing is that we are very apologetic when it comes to Israel. It is Israel who has violated all known human rights to mankind so why should we be quiet? Our scholarship needs to make this clear to us and the masses. Allah will not send down angels o fight on our behalf. Thats what the Jews did. They said to Moussa you and your Lord go fight and we are sitting here. Allah sends His mercy to those who are true believers and are striving in His path as happened during the time of Badr when Allah sent down angels to help the Muslims. It doesn’t take much to admit the truth and live by it.


Terrorism and reality

Bismillah wassalatu wassalamo ala rasulillah wa amma bad3ad

Assalam o alaykum to all,  A few days ago 10 people went from Pakistan and went in Mumbai and started shooting indiscriminantly. The reaction from the global media was swift in reporting they were Muslims. The attack was dubbed a terrorist act.

Ok let’s just step back a bit. Let’s go back to the American Revolutionary war.

The people living in America wanted to be free and did not want to live under the crown. The British Crown was not welcome in this land. Why? Because Americans wanted to be free. Since they had migrated to America, they said we are not responsible for the crown. Thus they said, why should we pay taxes, why should we fight for the crown? It is this that caused a great deal of friction between the “new Americans” and the British.

At the onset of the war, the Americans lacked heavy cavalry and also weapons. The British  had a huge advantage via their navy and superior army. The Americans had to thus rely on local militia men. These militias were lightly armed and worked their way by hiding and attacking their target. Since the British were “gentlemen” in all aspect of their life wether it was war or love, they did not expect this. And the Americans used these tactics and others to fight the British and drive them out until the war began ofcourse. Even during the war these pockets of insurgents (known today as American heroes) attacked the British.

So how does one define terrorism? Let me break the bubble, there is no real definition for terrorism. Click here. We hear this term day and night. The truth is based on, the garbage media gives coverage to is defined terrorism and what it does not give coverage to is not terrorism. For example,

Average American watching CNN/Fox says, Muslim=terrorists. However, Israel bombing Gaza = self-defense even though civilians are being killed.

I have to say in all honesty that suicide bombers are not right but we have to realize that reality is much different from what we think it is. It is very easy for us to say from the comfort of our homes that what they did was wrong. On the contrary, imagine a two year old child watching his entire family being massacred by a group of soldiers. This child is living in a war zone. He grows up having this hate for the soldiers who did this to him. He grows up and is traumatized by this event. And one day the news comes “10 dead as suicide bomber rips through crowded hotel”.

Now all my readers will say but it is terrorism. I agree, what he did was not right but sadly reality is different. There will always be terrorism if tyranny and oppression exist in the land. The only way to get rid of this whole mess is to be fair to everyone and give them their rights.

Another sad reality the West has engaged in is changing enemies after the Cold War. They must instill fear into people hearts to make them dependent on the goevernment. That is exactly what America has been successful in doing. The Russians were the enemies first now it is Islam and the Muslims. During the Afghan War the Muslims who were fighting against Russia were dubbed freedom fighters(even though the Muslims had a different intent behind fighting) by the Western Media. And when they turned against them then they were called terrorists. So why all this politics? It is all about power and the masses are being confused and taken away from the reality of the situation by constantly being bombarded an array of images and commentary day and night by media outlets.

We ask Allah to Guide us to that which is true and help us overcome our enemies!

Rogues,progressives and the strangers-part 1

Lately I have been exploring a multitude of Muslim blogs. During this time I stumbled on different personalities who are “callers” to Islam. Some of them have very dangerous ideas. Some are very progressive in their thought. So I compiled a list of people we need to be careful of.

1. Ahmed Subhy Mansour : A brief history and his current activities. He has very extreme ideas one of them being he is a rejector of hadith. I have a question for him which I asked myself and had to submit to the authenticity of hadith. Where did the Quran come from? Who narrated it? The Sahaba , correct. It has the isnad system attached to it. Thousands of people have the sanad to the Prophet(SAW). So it came as a narration to us. Now if that is the case then these narrators are trustworthy.  They lived with the Prophet(SAW) and saw him and they narrated his actions and sayings.  We trust the companions and love each of them for what they have done. ridhwanullah i ta’ala. So this is one character we need to becareful of because he is leading the masses astray by his false teachings. May Allah Protect us from this person!

2. Mark A Gabriel: This person is also another graduate from Egypt’s Al-Azhar. He has been maligning Islam for quite sometime. He became a Christian and openly criticizes Islam and is a favourite of Evangelical Christian talk shows. As usual he takes all political activites and turns them against muslims and Islam more specifically.

3. Khaled Abo el Fadel: Click here. Among his favourite ideas is criticism and call to scrutinize ahadith narrated on the authority of Abu Hurayrah (May Allah be Pleased with him). This is a classic attack that the enemies of Abu Hurayrah(RA) use. In Usool ul hadith by Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips (may Allah preserve him) he discusses this issue. He says since he narrated a lot of ahadith he became an early target of many of the early sects of Islam, most notably, the Shia who consider him a fabricator of ahadith. Khaled is considered a great scholar in progressive Muslim circles.

4. Irshad Manji: This is a classic example of progressiveness that leads to destruction. She is again a so-called scholar of Islam. She encourages Ijtihad which only a handful of scholars in today’s day and age are able to perform. Muslim scholars generally are expected to memorize the Quran and hadith before or during their formal education of Islam. Again we have the isnaad system here. Irshad Manji has no command over the Arabic language let alone Quran and Hadith. She advocates gay rights. Which ofcourse is in direct contradiction to the Quran and Sunnah and indeed a great sin. Perhaps she can explain why Allah(SWT) destoryed the people of Lut(AS)? The answer is the sin of homosexuality.

5. Magdi Allam: You may know this person because he was given special coverage on CNN for becoming a Christian. This person does not like masajid to be populated in Italy. Strange how the Shyatan can decieve some people! This is the same person who made headlines by converting to Catholicism last year. He claims he has not prayed the five daily prayers ever. In the words of Sh Yusuf Estes, being Christian means you don’t really need to do much, just believe in three=one and that is your salvation. In Islam belief must be correct and actions must be correct! (intention also goes with your actions). If anyone of them is messed up there is a serious problem. Wallahu alam!

Keith Ellison: This may surprise many of my readers. This guy is a Muslim and he is standing up for muslims. Right? Think again. I was in Minnesota last year at my cousin’s place and it happened that the local masjid was pushing for all muslims in the community to vote. They looked up to this Muslim as their representative. I was in Holy Land restaurant that same evening and I saw him there with his family. A few days later I read that he is running as a Democrat. Then after some research into his character I realized that he supports the LBGT.(click here if you dont believe me) I was shocked. How can you be a Muslim and extend your support for such causes. Infact you should be working against these elements. Just goes to show how politicians deceive the people for their own agendas. My conclusion boycott the voting process because it brings no good. Plus it is a man-made system that has flaws in it. And please don’t come back with the argument that we have to make a change. Change only comes from yourself as an individual and then at the collective level.

Ahmed Amiruddin: This person hates Almaghrib for the fact that they promote (according to him) a Jihadist version of Islam. According to him this is not Islam. I think he belongs to one of the extreme naqshbandi Sufi groups. You can search him on youtube and find a vast array of videos in which he bashes Madinah University and other literature produced by them.

Mubin Shaikh: Well I don’t have to say much about him. has a whole article on him and his compadres describing how they setup a bunch of misguided youths and got a hefty cut of moola out of it. This person even had the audacity of coming on the forums and calling Sh Yasir Qadhi, Yasir Kaddhab! I mean is this the respect scholarship deserves? ( I am actually writing an article on the respect and manners that must be displayed around our scholarship inshAllah will publish it soon). Not to mention the fact that he spied on his own brothers. It is very clear from his comments that he was motivated by a hatred for “salafi” Islam and thus wanted to teach them what Islam really is by humiliating them and breaking these youths and pushing them to the point. Sometimes people forget that one day we will die and we have to answer to our Creator. As Allah has warned us already that the Day of Judgment is coming very soon inshAllah. How can you turn on your on own brothers Mubin? What is your justification? Did you do the due diligence of giving them dawah. The person I mentioned above(Ahmed Amiruddin) says he knew what the kids were doing and yet he did not do anything to stop it. He just sat back watched and then he comes out on Canadian National TV blowing this event out of proportions and making it fit to his own agenda pf promoting his ideology. This is so pathetic. May Allah Protect us from the likes of these people.


You know initially I was just focusing on people who have caused a great deal of ordeal to the Ummah wether theologically, ideologically etc. but then I thought to myself it would be unfair of me to leave a whole group out. Just one thing I want to say, if you look at the Christians today what do they do in thier Churches? They Praise the Lord in their own way i.e. dancing around and singing a prayer. Compare that to what happens when certain sufi groups do the same. They sing and dance and venerate their shuyookh. Was this the practice of the Prophet(SAW) and his companions? By all means NO. There is no proof for this. A person who is ignorant of the fact that what he is doing is not right and a bida3ah is truly misguided and has infact laid a steppingstone to misguidance and eventually the Hell-Fire. I want to be guided. If this is the truth I will do it but I dont see truth in it because I have researched this very thoroughly and I have seen with my own eyes how this group has caused countries if not societies to become corrupt with their philosophy.

So the above list covers people that are dangerous because of their ideas and because they are having a great influence on many people. But inshAllah our organizations are doing a good job at Dawah. Also if a non-muslim is reading this, and you are really seeking the truth, then do not go to people of this kind. Rather go to the Imam of the Masjid. As a last comment on these people, some of them (especially in the sub-continent) have deviated so far as to practice sodomy considering it as an act of ibadah.