Gaza: Our role?

Assalam o alaykum wa rahmatullah i wabarakatuhu, If you have been following the news lately, you will realize the Israel is a poor defenseless state that is defending itself against bloodthirsty, viscious aggressors in Gaza all in the name of peace. Wait a minute, they ended up killing ~400 human beings.  Let’s not get into the media coverage on this issue because it is just hopeless to make them understand.

So why is it hard for us to admit that we have to do something about it? Every body with an ounce of good left in their heart will realize that it is a massacre of people which even the human rights platform has condemned.

SO what is the solution? Blogs and posts are filled with people who say that we must go protest, we must make dua, we must stand up and raise awareness. We are living in a time when we have become mere foam as the Prophet(SAW) told us. So what is the solution my dear brothers and sisters? We turn to the Sunnah of the Messenger(SAW).

Yes we must make Jihad and Qitaal. Even if it means forsaking all our belongings. We will be asked on the Day of Judgment if we fulfilled this obligation or not. And under the present circumstances it is more then ever needed. We must make Jihad and dismantle the Zionist state.

Another sad thing is that we are very apologetic when it comes to Israel. It is Israel who has violated all known human rights to mankind so why should we be quiet? Our scholarship needs to make this clear to us and the masses. Allah will not send down angels o fight on our behalf. Thats what the Jews did. They said to Moussa you and your Lord go fight and we are sitting here. Allah sends His mercy to those who are true believers and are striving in His path as happened during the time of Badr when Allah sent down angels to help the Muslims. It doesn’t take much to admit the truth and live by it.


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