a new day in history!

salam 3alaikum my dear brothers and sisters in islam.

today is a spectacular day.  al7amdulillah, by the grace of Allah (swt), i am writing this post to you today to share a very beautiful piece of news.

no, i did not get married.  no, i did not win a nobel peace prize.  no, i haven’t changed the world in a major way… not yet, anyway.

but today, insha’Allah, a new day in history begins.  a new footstep – with which the world will change to become a better place insha’Allah ta3ala.  as you know, this blog is the blog of “musafir fidunya” – and as a musafir, you are always looking for the best route to come out successful and in the best shape from your journey insha’Allah.

today, brothers and sisters, by the will and grace of Allah (swt), i purchased a whiteboard.  yes, brothers and sisters, what you read is true, i purchased a whiteboard! can you begin to understand and fathom what this means?  sub7anAllah, you probably don’t understand the reason for my excitement, but i will try to shed some light on it, be’izn Allah (3az wa jal).

this whiteboard will be, by the grace of Allah, my “idea pad” – the place where new ideas are born, sketched out, and implemented.  this white board will be the tool by which we will enter the new era.  here, i will write up ideas which will ultimately benefit islam and muslims insha’Allah.  our goal and target is to bring 3izza to islam and muslims – how do we do this?  by being the best at everything we can be.  we have to be the best scientists, the best mathmeticians, the best lawyers, the best engineers – all while being excellent examples of muslims.  a large reason for the spread of islam was the great character of the sa7aba and how they practiced islam.

the ideas are many, and the time is limited.  i have not yet decided whether i will be writing ideas for my blog posts on the whiteboard or not, but even if i don’t, al7amdulillah, i can begin to examine more interesting phenomena – for example, i’ve long been intrigued by fractals.  this is my chance to begin my fractal research.  moreover, sub7anAllah, there are all types of prime numbers out there – mersenne primes, twin primes, etc.  why is there not a prime number with a muslim name on it?  why is there not a “ibrahim’s prime,” or a “musa’s prime,” or an “isma3eel’s prime?”  – today will begin this new era insha’Allah.

i hope to post pictures of my whiteboard writings on this blog soon insha’Allah.  please make du3a for this new era to shine in peace insha’Allah.

may Allah bless all of you.

walsalam 3alaikum.
— guest writer, on behalf of the author of this blog.


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