Women as objects

Assalam o alaykum. Innalhamdulillah nahmaduhu wa nastaeenauhu wa nastaghfiru wa naudhubillahi min shurrori anfusina wa min sayyiaat i amalina.

Without a doubt, what Allah has revealed is the undisputed Truth and HIs Prophet Muhammad(SAW) has come with the truth and all the Prophets before him have come with the truth.

We believe in the Ghayb. These are things we believe in without seeing them but believing that they exist. We believe in Allah, HIs Angles, the Jinn, His Messengers without having seen them. Walhamdulillah!

On a sunny Thursday morning I strolled to my cube casually to start a busy day at work. I logged into my computer and started checking my emails and then wandered off to check the latest news on CNN.

This is what it had to offer. Click here.(Warning: There is an evil picture on the left hand side. When you open do not look at the picture. Jazakumullah u khairan).

The article itself is self-explanatory and is more then enough evidence to prove that a society who objectifies women is morally decadent and reprehensible beyond words. SubhanAllah! Allah revealed the verses for the believing women to cover themselves and protect their modesty. Yet, women take this Command very lightly. Allah is our Creator and He Knows whats Best for us.

Those who seek to objectify women, do so to make them objects of their desires. Who is giving the womenfolk their due right? Allah(SWT) has made it clear in His Book, the rights of men and women.

May Allah Guide us and open our eyes to the evil that lurks amongst us!


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