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See I am a human being!

Assalam o alaykum,

1. I have a friend. Let’s call him V. V is mashAllah a nice guy and he is married. Some of you may know I am not married. Everytime a converstaion starts with V about marriage, he downplays it and makes me realize that what a waste of time it is. “They are overrated” says V.

What’s interesting is that V never realizes that this makes me explode inside. Immediately my neurons snaps at once, and send this extreme angst to my brain which wants to manifest in a great calamity. Is he trying to hurt me by saying that marriage and women are non-sense. They are a big fitnah for me at least.  See, I am a human being and I get angry. audhobillah mina shaytan irajeem. Then when the anger is cooled and kind of  gone I am left with a deep sense of helplessness. Then I realize V does not realize that words can be hurtful specially if they are lies.

If I hate lies so much, how could Allah like lies?

2. I was getting some ice cream at lunch time today. As I parked my car and entered the shop, I saw the cashier who was the only one in the shop, was wiping away tears. I felt so bad for her. See I am a human being and I feel pain for others. She immediately served me and acted as if nothing happened. I wanted to talk to her and ask her what was wrong. If I could help. But I am a human being that could not muster up that courage out of shyness. See I am a human being that makes mistakes. At the end, I made dua for her that may Allah Guide her and help her in whatever calamity she is in.

See I am a human being that is born, that was a child, that is now a man, that smiles, feels pain, becomes sad, becomes angry, likes to have fun, likes to be left in peace, likes to feel satisfied, is tired of this world, wants to have a wife who he can be happy with, and wants do do things for his wife, sometimes cry’s, sometimes likes to be spoiled by others, sometimes wants others to care for him, sometimes wants to be happy, sometimes wants to have children to play with.

However, see I am a muslim, that wants to do these things the way Allah has Ordered inshAllah.


Lughat ul Arabiyya fi asarina-Juz al awwal

I am an enthusiast when it comes to learning new languages. Me and my roommate used to- and to some extent still- make up things on the fly though I would have to say he is much better at it mashAllah. We have a word for technical and non technical stuff.

I personally think this is a good way to build your vocabulary in Arabic! Here is a list and their equals in English we compiled. Feel free to add your own.  Enjoy!

1. thalab un naar= Mozilla Firefox

2. Kitab ul wajh= facebook

3. antaambooba= youtube

4. sirqat sayyarat al kubra = I will leave this for you…its funny once you figure it out(it took me sometime to figure out)

5. tanbihu ahmerun= red alert

6. ana hatif=iphone

7. nuwafidh aash bee= windows XP

8. jujal al hadith = google talk

9. mahhatat al laeb= play station

10. khaled fi sandooq=jack in the box

11. akthar ala = MORON I found this hilarious…jazakAllah khair to my roomate

12. jumhureyet al moza= bannana republic

13. masafa= gap

14. Al hasub= Computer

15. tayr ul barq= thunderbird

16. muslimmatters=umurulmuslimeen

17. alif taa wa taa= AT&T

18. buka2 ba3eed= far cry

19. aghezet al 7adeed al salba= metal gear solid

20. nujoom al dollarat= star bucks

21. Tareeq ul aman= safeway superstore

22. Qaisar al sagheer= Carl Jr.’s

23. qabal al sa7afa= meet the press

24. ma7faza sameena= fat

25. ahsan u yashtari= best buy

26. yawalad= yahoo

27. far2a3 3uyoon= pop eyes=popeyes

28. garaz al taco= taco bell

29. bareed sakhen= hotmail

30. gmail= geembareed

31. ikhwat marwan al soober=the mario brothers

32. juraij ibn boosh al texassi= George Bush the Texan(akthar ala kabeer)

33. rajul al ankaboot= spiderman

34. malik ul asad= lion king

35. kaubkab ul ardh= planet earth

36. ala al khat= online

37. huroob un nujoom= starwars

38. sena3at al nugoom = starcraft

39. lauh ul abyadh= whiteboard

40. sooq al fala7= famer’s market

41. sook al samak= fish market

42. markaz al sagheer= micro center

43. battaqat ul iktihshaf= discover card

44. battaqatul jawazat= visa card

45. na7nu al le3ab= toys r us

46. sereer, 7amam, wa ba3d thalik= bed bath and beyond

47. maryam’s=macy’s

48. al nisr al amrekee= the american eagle

49. kalb u har= hot dog

50. wadee al silicon= silicon valley


Ok for now thats it for part 1. InshAllah, we will post part two sometime in the future.

Here is my roomate’s blog.(