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George Galloway comes to the MCA-part 1

Bismillah i rahmaan i raheem.

“I fear God only”, “inshAllah”, “mashAllah”, “this Ummah” are not the kind of words you would expect to hear from a politician. Certainly not from a politician, who was elected five times to the British parliament. Certainly not someone who has been banned from Canada for inciting terrorism. Certainly not someone who is a Westerner.

Well, last night at the MCA, with a big smile on his face Mr. George Galloway, the British MP started his speech with the Bismillah, the opening of the Quran.

He then went on to remind us the atrocities committed by an idiot they call Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He also painted some horrific pictures for us of the atrocities meted out to the poor brothers and sisters in Palestine. He said, “Israel used phosphorus on civilians and do you know what it does to a human being…… cooks you from inside! I saw a child that was breathing out white smoke because the phosphorus had penetrated his lungs…it was feeding on the child from within….Another scene I saw was that an infant was pulled from the rubble of a bombed building….. that was still alive but was suckling on the toe of its dead mother for sustenance”. He said that the rest is your imagination and he could not put what is happening there in words. He also pointed out how the Canadian government had branded him a terrorist and banned him from Canada. Check this out.

Although the entire evening was full of great things. I will mention a few that really touched me and provoked some emotions.

Mr. Galloway took some food, aid and medicine into Gaza. It was a well publicized event. He wrote a letter to an influential Prince from an oil-rich Arab Gulf state ,who was in the UK at the time , to aid him in the petrol from the UK to the Gaza strip. He could have said yes and could have given hundreds compared to the billions he waste’s, but he said with a cold heart NO. Galloway said, ” I could tell you who he is but I will not”. When the audience pushed him this is what he had to say, “No, no, no….they are all the same, they will stab you in the back, or they will do it from the front, regardless they are not worth it!” Powerful words indeed. The world is not oblivious to the corruption and wastefulness of the highly-rich-tribal-arrogant Khaleejis and their atrocities. Anyway, something to ponder about. Why can’t they understand this? (I will be writing more about the Khaleejis in an upcoming article inshAllah).

Second moving event of the evening was the fact that George Galloway asked, ” when is maghrib”? A person taking care of the Salah. Hmm this is something the momineen do. Where are we with regards to our salah?

Since we were not allowed to ask direct questions, we had to write them on a piece of paper and pass it to the ushers. My question was “Mr. Galloway, you are so initmate with Muslims and love them and work for them and their causes even more then our leaders, I find it hard to imagine you are not a Muslim. What is stopping you Mr. Galloway from doing the right thing and becoming a Muslim?” The question was never answered because the person who it was handed to,  was screening out questions only related to Palestine or I dare say “to thier agenda”.

I could not let go of my question. And prayed to Allah, O Allah make him amongst the Muslimeen. A friend of mine went and talked to Mr. Galloway after the event and asked him, ” Are you a muslim, Sir?” He answered, ” I AM A MUSLIM! I am married to a muslim”.

This makes me so happy. Wallah u alam. May Allah Guide us and help our brothers and sisters. Also, may He destroy our leaders who do not have the guts to say the right thing.

UPDATE: Br Zahid has put up the mp3 on his website. You can download it by going to here. JazakAllah khair to br Zahid.


Terrorism and reality

Bismillah wassalatu wassalamo ala rasulillah wa amma bad3ad

Assalam o alaykum to all,  A few days ago 10 people went from Pakistan and went in Mumbai and started shooting indiscriminantly. The reaction from the global media was swift in reporting they were Muslims. The attack was dubbed a terrorist act.

Ok let’s just step back a bit. Let’s go back to the American Revolutionary war.

The people living in America wanted to be free and did not want to live under the crown. The British Crown was not welcome in this land. Why? Because Americans wanted to be free. Since they had migrated to America, they said we are not responsible for the crown. Thus they said, why should we pay taxes, why should we fight for the crown? It is this that caused a great deal of friction between the “new Americans” and the British.

At the onset of the war, the Americans lacked heavy cavalry and also weapons. The British  had a huge advantage via their navy and superior army. The Americans had to thus rely on local militia men. These militias were lightly armed and worked their way by hiding and attacking their target. Since the British were “gentlemen” in all aspect of their life wether it was war or love, they did not expect this. And the Americans used these tactics and others to fight the British and drive them out until the war began ofcourse. Even during the war these pockets of insurgents (known today as American heroes) attacked the British.

So how does one define terrorism? Let me break the bubble, there is no real definition for terrorism. Click here. We hear this term day and night. The truth is based on, the garbage media gives coverage to is defined terrorism and what it does not give coverage to is not terrorism. For example,

Average American watching CNN/Fox says, Muslim=terrorists. However, Israel bombing Gaza = self-defense even though civilians are being killed.

I have to say in all honesty that suicide bombers are not right but we have to realize that reality is much different from what we think it is. It is very easy for us to say from the comfort of our homes that what they did was wrong. On the contrary, imagine a two year old child watching his entire family being massacred by a group of soldiers. This child is living in a war zone. He grows up having this hate for the soldiers who did this to him. He grows up and is traumatized by this event. And one day the news comes “10 dead as suicide bomber rips through crowded hotel”.

Now all my readers will say but it is terrorism. I agree, what he did was not right but sadly reality is different. There will always be terrorism if tyranny and oppression exist in the land. The only way to get rid of this whole mess is to be fair to everyone and give them their rights.

Another sad reality the West has engaged in is changing enemies after the Cold War. They must instill fear into people hearts to make them dependent on the goevernment. That is exactly what America has been successful in doing. The Russians were the enemies first now it is Islam and the Muslims. During the Afghan War the Muslims who were fighting against Russia were dubbed freedom fighters(even though the Muslims had a different intent behind fighting) by the Western Media. And when they turned against them then they were called terrorists. So why all this politics? It is all about power and the masses are being confused and taken away from the reality of the situation by constantly being bombarded an array of images and commentary day and night by media outlets.

We ask Allah to Guide us to that which is true and help us overcome our enemies!

Honour Killing

Bismillah Alhamdulillah. All Praise is due to Allah who is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. We testify that the only diety worthy of worship is Allah(SWT) and that Muhammad(SAW) is His slave and Final Messenger.

Having given a testimony of faith we submit our way of life to none other then the Will of Allah. We do not question Allah because as humans our capabilities are very limited. Today, when I was reading the news I read shocking news. Refer to this.

Aside from all the emotional things that I want to say I will hold off on that inshAllah. Some Muslims try to justify honor killings claiming it is sanctioned by the Shariah. SubhanAllah! The Prophet(SAW) was sent to eradicate killing little daughters who had committed no crime yet people use baseless arguments to justify thier positions. A formal and a trustworthy answer by the scholars of AhluSunnah wal Jama’ah can be found here. The perpetrator of such a crime must be tried in an Islamic court and punished accordingly.

In Islam everything goes back to your belief. When you testify the Shahada you are infact testifying that you will abide by the rules set forth by Allah. One of the things we have been forbidden to do is murdering someone without a just cause. There is no justificiation for such a hideous crime. Another thing is did the father lose his temper during the argument? It could very well be possible and the fact that he was weeping shows that he really loved her but his anger overtook him. In other words Shaytan overtook him and he did that hideous crime.

Another important point is parents who are still stuck in that cultural warp of forcing children to get married without thier wishes and from back home, really need to realize that they are hurting themselves by making unreasonable demands that have no Shari basis. I have noticed among the Pakistani community the cultural aspect is so hard to let go. And somewhat the Egyptians. They have put the Book of Allah aside and are following thier own desires. The culture is important but it can never take precedence over what Allah and His Messenger have given us. NEVER! IT IS UNACCEPTABLE!

Sometimes these killers are so narrow minded that they forget the rights of a child. The child has a right to a good and pious environment. Have you given that to them? Have you shown them what is the true way? Or have you tried to find the true way yourself? Maybe your child has found a good way and you are lacking that? My brain cannot just take this dhulm. I fail to understand how someone can kill thier own daughter because of such a small thing. I dont want an honor like this.

May Allah Protect us and our dhuriyya from such sins.

Wastaghfirullah wal hamdulillah i rabil alameen.